Abounded kids Rescue Initiative

At AKRI we support children through our range of programs

we support children through providing them with food, shelter (Rent, mortgage & utilities, clothing, medical assistance and education ETC.

We believe in working as a team using our limited resources to transform and bring about hope in the lives of those who are helpless and hopeless in the society.

Who we are

We are dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people mostly children and women in our communities

Our vision

An enlightened society where vulnerable people leave a good way of life as other citizens.

Our Mission

Exemplifying our human values, build partnerships, develop local capacity and mobilizing resources

We’re caring for families around Uganda through our core programs

Livelihood Support

Your support and contribution enable us to improve the living conditions of the less privileged

Sponsor a Child

Child’s education is an investment in our future. Your contributions helps our Mission

Support an orphan

Your support and contributions enable orphans to live a normal life as other children.

Women Empowerment

It can be defined to promoting women sense of self worth, their ability to determine their own choice and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. Empowering them through equipping them with the tools they need to have power and control over their own lives, through adult education(encoring them to go back to school), skills training, providing them with capital to start up small businesses among others.

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